He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?" - Romans 8:32

Sunday, January 29, 2006 

Cain (So Long Eden)

First born from the womb, a son conceived in sin (4:1)

Grown up in the fields among the thistles, I toil and sweat like five men (3:17-18)

Cuz Mama ate the apple, and life would have been peaches (3:6, 2:9)

"Dad take me to your Eden!" - But he says its beyond our reaches (3:23, 2:4)

So I'm stuck here in this cursed ground, it's a pain just to eat (3:17)

And I'm not highly regarded - "What do you want Lord, meat?" (4:4-5)

I'm in thorns while Abe rolls in the grass, carelessly playing with the sheep (4:2)

Just take me back to Eden - my anger burns me deep (4:5)

"Anger? The venom of the serpent flows thickly through your veins

Its desire is to take you, but you must not be enslaved"

"Hey Abe come over here" - "Sure...what is it Cain?" (4:8)

"Ahhh, that feels better." A boy much like his father, a generation depraved (6:5)

"Cain, you did not listen to me, now where is your little brother?" (4:9)

"Lord, he's Your favorite - how would I know? Go and ask my mother (4:9b)

"Silence you liar, can't you hear the shrieking, are you not pierced by the sound?

Dear Abe is crying out to me, his blood spilt by your hand, forever underground (4:10)

From now on you are a wanderer, a fugitive, you'll never work the earth" (4:12)

"YHWH! All I've had is this cursed ground, ever since my birth (4:14)

Take me back to Eden - there's no death there & we can talk face to Face

Did you expect me to be perfect? Have you ever heard of grace? (4:14)

Just take me back to Eden, extinguish the fiery sword (3:24)

If you leave me to run & wander, they're going to kill me Lord!" (4:14)

"Say so long to Eden, & the wicked shall not see My Face (4:16)

But your life on earth will be spared - 'I AM' - haven't you heard? - a God of grace"

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