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Saturday, December 04, 2010 

Japan: Husbands Biggest Cause of Stress to Wives

Do your stress levels ever get higher than you can bear? graph of japanese statistics
Goo Research, in conjunction with President Family magazine, recently conducted a survey into stress in the family, which will feature in the January 2011 edition of said President Family magazine. The printed edition should feature much more information than in this short excerpt, of course.


1,006 women in their forties with children who were members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographic information was provided.

I can identify with the husband being the main source of stress… Second would have to be our upstairs neighbours, or at least our thin ceiling.

Research results

Q1: Does your stress level ever get higher than you can bear? (Sample size=1,006)

Often (to SQs) 32.5%
Sometimes (to SQs) 50.7%
Almost never 16.8%

Q1SQ1: What is the cause of your stress levels getting higher than you can bear? (Sample size=837, multiple answer)

Husband 68.1%
Children 55.3%
Period 19.0%
Menopause 18.9%
Work 18.0%
Parents 17.1%
Neighbours 8.1%
Other 11.7%
Don’t know 4.1%

Q1SQ2: What do you do to relieve your stress? (Sample size=837, multiple answer)

Watch television, movie, DVD 31.2%
Go shopping 24.0%
Get aware of it and it doesn’t go away 23.2%
Drink alcohol 15.5%
Go internet shopping 14.3
Give up on housework 13.4%
Stuff my face 10.8%
Make a long phone call to friends 9.8%
Do sports 9.6%
Shout at my husband 7.8%
Go on a trip 7.8%
Play with my pet 6.6%
Smoke 6.0%
Go to karaoke 3.0%
Go for beauty treatment 2.5%
Go for a night out 1.3%
Gamble 0.7%
Other 28.8%

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